Greenbuilt Adobe in the Mountains

This adobe style home and landscape was built with a close eye on conservation. The green-built, solar powered home is tucked into a native landscape that blends in perfect harmony with environment around it. Natural stone walls and boulders effectively soften the sloped yard creating a meandering path through the native grass and colorful xeric plantings to the courtyard entry. The courtyard wall opens to an oasis filled with colorful perennials, the tranquil sounds of water, the warming glow of a fire, and plenty of patio space for entertaining. Landscape lighting completes the mood in this Evergreen, Colorado landscape.

In most homes, the party always seems to congregate in the kitchen. When that party instead resorts to the landscape no matter how great the food is, you know you’ve created something special. The Moore’s passion for the environment is reflected in their green-built, solar powered home designed with as much emphasis on the landscape as the architecture itself.

The adobe style home was built on a relatively steep grade creating a number of challenges and opportunities. Mr. Moore wanted to be sure that at 95, he could push a wheelbarrow of chicken feed from his vehicle below, to the chicken coup above on a path uninterrupted by stairs. Mrs. Moore wanted plenty of color and spaces for entertaining.

Another objective was to incorporate sculptures they had recently acquired from an African artist. The proximity to a major roadway created additional challenges of road noise and light pollution to overcome.

The adobe style architecture set up the first solution that would set the stage for developing this landscape. True to adobe style architecture, we created a courtyard by designing an adobe wall across the front of the yard. The wall was paramount in blocking road noise and the headlights from the vehicles at night. All of the window and door penetrations were strategically angled away from the road so that from the interior of the courtyard, the road was not visible at all.

The curved path leading up to the courtyard was created by clever terracing of the slope with natural stone walls and boulders. Native grass and plantings complete the sustainable feel and evoke the notion that the home was built around the landscape. Entering through the antique gates of the courtyard wall, an oasis of color, fire, and water fills the senses.

The road noise instantly disappears as the reflected sound of falling water takes over. An abundance of Perennials surrounds the small turf area that softens the entrance. Stepping onto the patio, the glowing fire entices you to rest on the surrounding boulders and enjoy the water feature.

Noticing the hot tub tucked neatly into the courtyard wall under the arbor of reclaimed timbers, you can’t help but kick off your shoes to dip your toes for a spell. There you notice the arbor posts terminating into large pots overflowing with annuals and realize that you’re enjoying a small taste of paradise and you have yet to make it to the front door.