Our Commercial Landscaping Process

Working Smart for Clients

Designscapes Colorado has a healthy repeat client base, and we are known for working closely with owners to ensure they get what they want. To that end, we take technology and the future very seriously. We employ GPS and laser-guided equipment to ensure specifications.

Unlike many commercial landscaping contractors, Designscapes Colorado is equipment based more than labor based. We are not forced to rent equipment, because we already own the heavy equipment required for large commercial installations, and it is at our disposal as needed.

Efficient Landscaping Projects & Staff

We're a turn-key operation. Most landscape contractors don't act as the prime contractor, but we can do that. We can do the work ourselves, and we are the point people on many fast-track commercial landscaping projects that range from $500,000 to $4,000,000.

Of course, staffing is also very important, and Designscapes Colorado features a qualified and well-trained staff, including on staff landscape architects who can assist in all elements and who are especially key for design-build projects.

Long-term financial security is a primary goal at Designscapes Colorado, and the staff understands the conservative budgeting goals of the company. The company minds the budget on the job and in-house, ensuring a positive outcome for all and long-term security for both staff and clients.