Green Landscaping for Denver

Green Landscaping

Denver is known for its 300 + days of sunshine annually, which makes us appreciate and enjoy our landscape every day!  Being green is part of being responsible, which is why “greening-up” your landscape has never been made so easy - there are so many resources available to help.  "Green Landscaping" does not mean that you have to sacrifice a lush look, it just means being wise about the way we use our natural resources such as water.  This will not only be great for the environment, but can be beneficial to your pocket book as well. A sustainable landscape requires minimal resource input, and is in sync with the local environment and climate.

As a charter partner of the Sustainable Landscape Partner Program formed by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, Designscapes Colorado is dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable landscape principles.


Some ways to create a more Green Landscape in your yard include:

  • Follow local Denver water restrictions, which allow your specific neighborhood to water on specific days and times. 
  • Avoid watering during the heat; you will lose much more water due to evaporation watering during the day than during the evening.
  • Recycle your lawn clippings and plant trimmings.
  • Start a compost pile or sign up for compost recycling at
  • Conduct an irrigation audit, this can help find if you are wasting water due to over/under performing heads and leaks. 
  • Having an irrigation tech out to evaluate your irrigation system can be a huge benefit, they can change out heads that are broken, make sure your irrigation clock is set correctly,  and give suggestions on how to update your system to be more water wise.
  • Installing a smart controller or rain sensor on your clock is an easy way to be more efficient with the way you water.
  • Check Denver Water for rebates on updating your irrigation system to be more water wise. 
Having a sustainable, green landscape in Denver can be beautiful! If you are having a hard time getting started, call our Green Landscape Design team and we will be more than happy to share some environmentally friendly landscaping ideas!