Colorado Perennial & Annual Gardens

Thoughtful use of annuals and perennial flowers provides color, texture, and beauty year-round. Designing with annuals, perennials or a combination of both, Designscapes Colorado will guide you to the right solution to beautify your home and enliven your garden.  And our expertise with pots and container gardens is unmatched.  Please contact our team of experts who will design a seasonal color display that will dazzle your senses.

Annuals vs Perennials

Annuals - Annual flowers typically live for only one season.  But what they lack in longevity, they make up for in color, fragrance, and beauty.  Annuals are best used to highlight existing gardens, provide bold splashes of color, and provide early and late season blooms. 

Perennials - Perennials can live for many seasons and are a lovely and low maintenance option in you garden.  Typically, perennials provide the necessary structure and order for a garden to truly shine.  

Why not a combination of both annuals and perennials? We can help you fill your garden out with the just right amount of each to ensure to that your garden is lush, vibrant, and beautiful all season long.

Annual Color

Let us add a splash of color to liven up your gardens this season. Our design team is highly skilled with providing exquisite color combinations that allow your home to shine with color. From overflowing annual pots with eye-catching centers to vibrant annual beds demanding attention, let us create a unique palette of color using the newest and best annuals in the industry.

Colorado Perennial & Annual Garden Portfolio