Denver Landscaping Customer Reviews & Testimonials

"One of the Designscapes maintenance crews not only did a fantastic job on my property, but when I was planting some roses the other day, I was taking out old dirt and bagging it. Without hesitation, your crew went over and helped me bag up the dirt and haul it away. I am so shocked that someone would go out of their way to help without being asked."

Mary Gorman  ~  Homeowner

"We greatly appreciate the attention and prompt service that Larry May gives us. Designscapes has provided landscape maintenance and many other services to our individual homeowners for 20+ years and we value and appreciate this long relationship."

David  ~  Columbine Country Club Villas HOA

"I'm delinquent in expressing my compliments to the lawn crew assigned to our property. They have exceeded expectations before our contract started! The Spring clean-up was thorough as reflective of the multiple day endeavor. The results were quite noticeable. What a great start! The weekly lawn mowing and trimming has been noteworthy as well. From the punctuality of arrival to the dedication of individual assignments, a professional job has been observed. Each task including grass trimming, hand mowing, mobile mowing, edging, and cleanup are completed effectively. Finally, I can not omit the person who has waged a successful war on weeds in spite of the rainfall and rapid growth conditions. My hero!"

Ken  ~  Windmill Creek Reserve

"I would like to let you know of the terrific, professional job/service Will is giving us. He beats all my expectations of professional service of which I have had much experience. At every turn he exceeds my expectations. He consistently goes above and beyond the things we need. At every turn he anticipates our needs. He willingly works with our treasurer to save money with our water costs. I cannot praise him enough."

Sandy Koves  ~  The Glenns of Cottonwood HOA

"We picked up one of the company pamphlets and the pictures in there are great. You guys do great work and we appreciate being able to partner with you on some of these projects."

Marcos Marquez  ~  Marquez Fencing

"I would like to recognize and acknowledge Chris, with Residential Irrigation who works with Melissa. Chris is always very willing to go out of his way to make sure I'm taken care of. I've had several urgent situations that he was on top of right away. He is caring, professional, knowledgeable and very willing to do what it takes. I appreciate his services very much!"

Linda  ~  Homeowner

"Met Eduardo this A.M. - again thank you Jake. Your team is freaking AMAZING!!! He was totally on it and fixing the issues - super guy! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!"

Rachel  ~  Homeowner

"I wanted to contact you to compliment your two interns, Dax and Joshua, on the great job they did today finalizing my front yard landscaping project. These two young men did such a good job removing all the weeds and installing the mulch for my project. It looks beautiful and I'm very happy with my front yard. Joshua and Dax were very polite and professional. They were friendly and made sure that every weed was removed and that the mulch covered everything. Please make sure that these men and their supervisors know how much I appreciate the work they did."

Annette  ~  Homeowner

"I wanted to drop you a note to say what a great job the lawn and bedcare folks are doing - not sure our lawn and beds have ever looked this good."

Neil  ~  Homeowner

"Wow -- it looks great! Beyond my expectations!! Thanks so much for getting it done, and being here and rallying your crew on a Saturday!"

Amy  ~  Homeowner

"I'm writing to let you know how thrilled Heather and I are with the plants and especially with the crew. Mauro and crew were fantastic and did a great job with the planting. I was also impressed with Mauro's water coverage assessment and fixing what was needed."

Kevin  ~  Homeowner

"I do not know if the amazing person that stopped to help us out at Barks on Broadway was an employee or owner...but either way...thank you soooo much for helping our customer out. It was above and beyond and we cannot thank you enough!! You will be high recommended forever! And again! Thank you to the kind man that helped!"

Anna Finger

"I am a property Manager for CPMG and we have Melissa Hurich on two properties and this last snow storm was a biggie as you know. I can honestly tell you that the way she and her team handled this storm and the everyday services, is the reason I still have a job because her good balances out everyone else's bad, especially today. Huge thanks to you and trust I am trying to move all my HOA's over to your company and it may take me some time but I will try my best."

Virginia Johnson  ~  Property Manager

"Just a quick note to thank you for the amazing job with snow removal on our parking lot and ramp this morning. We have an out-of-town client in and seeing the parking lot and ramp cleared this morning was just wonderful! I'm not sure when your day started, but you have certainly taken good care of us - again. "

Colleen Wolstenholm

"I thought I’d touch base with you quickly to let you know what a great job Melissa has done for us over the winter. We completed fall cleanup, Christmas lights, and set the new maintenance contract for 2021 all within the last few months. She has been very accommodating, professional and thorough and has been a pleasure to work with. Hopefully all is well with you and Designscapes [Colorado] and it continues to prosper in this difficult time we find ourselves in. We look forward to a successful summer season with you guys and I believe Melissa will be critical in that success."

Rich and Jeanette  ~  Homeowners

"I just wanted to pass along some good feedback for a crew that you had out on a property today. I was just there for a tree visit with a client while they were doing some cleanup work and everyone was super nice about letting me squeeze through the areas that they were raking and blowing. They idled down their blowers and gave me tons of space to check out what I needed to. It was refreshing compared to other landscaping companies I've been around and further reinforces why you all are my absolute top landscaping firm to refer people to."

Michael  ~  Davey Tree Assistant District Manager

I just wanted to send you a quick note regarding the fall clean up that happened here on Tuesday this week. Man those guys were awesome! They worked very hard and believe me, it showed. Thank you so much for providing such thorough service on Tuesday."

Jeanette  ~  Homewoner

We want to thank you all for all the hard work on our yard that you all did for us. We can hardly believe this is our yard, the landscape is so beautiful. It is all way beyond what we could have imagined! Thank you for your kindness to us. We appreciate all you have done for us.

Jeff and Mary  ~  Homeowner

"Just a quick note to tell you that we were very pleased with the fine work done on the landscaping for our 20th Hole Townhome Association. Your personnel were friendly and courteous. We especially liked the way Melissa Hurich supervised the activities on a daily basis and kept us informed of what was done and what would be done. We look forward to working with Melissa again in the future."

Stan Reubenstein  ~  President

On the morning of August 13, one of Designscapes’ employees, Johnny Jimenez, noticed that an outside sprinkler system pipe at our home in Grant Ranch was badly leaking and flooding the side yard. We were away and had no idea there was a problem. Somehow Johnny found our home phone number and left a voice message about the leak, his phone number and alerted us that he had shut off the main irrigation system valve. After retrieving messages a few days later, I texted Johnny to find out details and thanked him for doing what he could to mitigate the problem. The purpose of my email to again thank Johnny and let your firm know that you employ such a conscientious individual. Although we haven’t received our latest bill from Denver Water, without Johnny’s intervention we’re certain the lost water and added cost could have been far greater.

Paul Jacobs  ~  Homeowner

“Please allow me to take a minute of your time to praise your staff. Your men and women who work in my neighborhood (Bateleur) are always thorough and polite, and we are all grateful for their hard work, winter and summer. But you also have exceptional men who really go above and beyond. One, Rob Massengale, has worked long and hard for us. He ALWAYS answers his phone or returns calls quickly. He has attended to some bizarre problems on my property, and he does so with incredible competency, efficiency, and a bit of humor. I am always impressed with every job and bit of advice he shares. I am so grateful to Rob for his attention to even the smallest detail. He does every job right. Your other employee is Jeff Bruno. I only recently met him, and he (and his guys) are doing a job for us in Park Hill. Again, a lovely, thoughtful young man with incredible skills, an eager work ethic, an incredible memory of what the job involves, and a knowledge of his trade that is always impressive.”

Audrey  ~  Homeowner

"It is always a pleasure to work with Nigel and his team. Everything looks great!!!"

Dale and Barbara  ~  Homeowners

Mark was always accommodating, looking at the big picture to reach the best overall result for everyone. Oscar as field leader, was highly cooperative marking sure that work was being done to South Suburban standards and details. Whenever he had a question or was unsure, he contacted me first to confirm the direction needed. Requests and action along the way were met with a positive response and complied with in a timely matter. With his job knowledge and experience, communication and inter action resulted in minimal issues. All of his staff are hard workers and produced a high quality finished project. It was a pleasure to work with a company that takes pride in their work and seeks to accomplish the highest overall outcome. If I get the chance again to work your company, I will look forward to it.

Dewayne Baucom  ~  Park Maintenance Supervisor District #1

"This is my first year using Designscapes and I am extremely happy with them. As someone who teaches customer service to companies, it is very important to me to be able to work with a team who will provide A plus customer service. Cora, Melissa and Jake all pitched in to solve a problem for me with a smile and a can do attitude. I love the way my flowers look and it was a pleasure to work with this company. I will definitely continue to utilize their services in the future."

Coralie  ~  Homewoner

"We have been very happy with the quality of work and professionalism from Designscapes Colorado over the last three years of using them at two different locations. Melissa Hurich has been our project manager at both locations and has done an excellent job at making recommendations that we would like, is within our budget, and would thrive in the soil and climate at our locations. the guidance from Melissa from conception to delivery for multiple large projects has been priceless. She and her team have also been a huge help on more than one occasion to help with emergency projects that needed quick actions resulting from weather and other contractors. Designscapes Colorado has been a great company to partner with for all of our landscaping needs."

Craig & Alison  ~  Homeowners

"The finest things in life are meant to be shared. Flowers, food, friends, wine and patio time. Thank you Designscapes Colorado for creating an urban space that no one wants to leave; where memories are many and worries are few."

Larry  ~  Homeowner

I just wanted to pass along my compliments regarding Jesse and the Aurora Reservoir project. He is a sharp young man, great to work with, and an excellent communicator. He always took time to update us on how things were going on the beach project and any time I or others stopped by to check on things he'd stop and visit. That was fantastic. We always felt in the loop. He and Ben worked incredibly hard to clean up afterwards. I was impressed. Jesse seems to know his craft and he did a great job.

Terry  ~  Recreation Specialist, City of Aurora

"I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how happy my wife Stephanie and I are with the results of our landscaping project at our home in Evergreen. Your entire team was professional, courteous, and focused on customer service. Phil’s design and attention to detail insured that we achieved our goals and that the end product exceeded our expectations. Josh’s lighting team added a cost effective solution that really enhances the overall experience. And Joaquin’s hard working crew in the field were the real hero’s putting the work in place safely, efficiently, and with a positive “get er done” attitude that tells me that they are proud of the work they do, and proud to work for Designscapes [Colorado]. Congratulations! Please forward this note to any of the other people involved in our project and extend our thanks for a job well done."

Scott  ~  Homeowner

"We couldn't have asked for a better company to work with on our Preschool's new playground. Travis was truly fantastic and he displayed incredible patience as he waited 2 years for us to raise the funds we needed. The construction was completed almost on schedule (only pushed back due to weather) and he has stayed on top of the follow up making sure that we get everything we've paid for. We're still going through the punch list but that's normal, and we really couldn't be happier with the product, the service, and the experience of working with Travis and Designscapes Co. Thank You!"


Thanks Rob, great job once again!!

Betsy Mercer  ~  Parks and Open Space Manager

John, who you sent to start up my sprinkler system is great, I want him back!

Shelley  ~  Homeowner

I just wanted to tell you your guys did a GREAT job with the leaf cleaning/removal over at my house. I know you hear about it when people don’t think you guys do, so I thought you should hear from a happy homeowner. Keep up your good work!

Marc Wyman  ~  Homeowner

When I go outside I feel like I'm at some posh resort. Thank you for your attention to all the details and for keeping everything going smoothly!

Lisa  ~  Homeowner

All 3 properties spoke very highly of your commitment to client satisfaction as well as how your large scale installs are gorgeous! Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make sure we shine!!!

Melissa Niswonge  ~  Community Manager, Whisper Sky Luxury Apartment Homes

Just wanted to let you know that the landscaping work looks fantastic! We could not have asked for a better design or higher-quality end product. Additionally, the entire team has been great work with. From Char and Reggie to the guys in the field, everyone has been incredibly helpful and very responsive. Thanks for everything.

Michael Bell

The (irrigation) work was completed most satisfactorily. My complements to Bill and staff, Thank You and well done.

Larry Hoover  ~  Field Operation Lead, Centennial Water & Sanitation District

I just peeked out to see the trees after dark and I am THRILLED!!!!! I LOVE the way they look lit up!


"On behalf of Casting for Recovery, I would like to thank you for your generous donation at our Fish Tales Auction event."

Brandee Knopp  ~  CFR - Colorado

I just want to mention how great the Aurora 7 playgrounds look. They are really beautiful, functional, and popular with the kids. When I came here 9 years ago the playgrounds were awful and now they are an exceptional part of the campus. Thanks so much for your excellent work!

Phil Katsampes

The yard looks beautiful! I came back from a disastrous business trip and was immediately cheered up when I saw my backyard oasis.

Kris Beecroft  ~  Homeowner

Thank you for your design. I can’t wait to see the irises in the spring and the white roses and hydrangeas. I am so pleased.

Susan  ~  Homeowner

Thanks for all the excellent work done by the Designscapes Colorado staff to make my yard the amazingly peaceful and beautiful place that it is!

Dia  ~  Homeowner

Thank you for all the hard work on the parking lot and the landscape. The clinic looks great, well actually beautiful with the additions to the yard. I believe you have helped us to improve the look of the entire neighborhood. I can hardly wait until spring to see the flowers in the Founders Garden bloom.

Cindy Kihorany  ~  Inner City Health Center 

"We are thrilled with our renovated patio and pergola... I am happy to recommend your work if ever the need arises. You are all excellent!"

Peggy Bloom  ~  Homeowner, Greenwood Village

We will continue to refer you all every chance we get.


Josh, Thank you so much for doing a great job on our lawn last week. The work was done quickly and neatly and as always, you guys are great to work with!

Megan  ~  Homeowner

The attention to detail, skill and the work ethic of Designscapes was clearly evident. Thank you for leaving us with a great experience. We are happy to recommend Designscapes Colorado to our neighbors and friends.

Noreen P. Dahl

During my association with Colorado Designscapes, I have seen firsthand the impact of their dedicated staff in providing Denver Public Schools quality service, attention to detail and exceptional construction management that has provided the district projects we can be proud of.

Troy A. Garner  ~  Denver Public Schools  Special Projects Manager

Congratulations on the nice coverage and the outstanding project

John  ~  Contractor

“’s the individuals in your company. It’s your designers, field staff and administrators. You all are quality people and people of integrity. I know I can trust you and I know I can count on you in any situation. I also know that you will provide quality work in a timely manner. I could go on and on...”

J.K. Barnett  ~  Custom Home Builder

...out of the many General Landscape Contractors I have worked with, in my opinion, Colorado Designscapes Inc. was the best. Your office support was efficient and your staff members dedicated to submittal processing, estimating and contract administration were all outstanding.

Jeff Smullen  ~  Supt of Park Planning and Construction

The spring flowers look beautiful at the house and were perfect for the event.

Kelly  ~  House Manager

“Good listeners. Always responsive. Partners in producing a successful project. Fair pricing and no nickel & diming. Personal attention from the top. Skilled foremen. Determined to please. Flexible and cooperative. Great collaborators and understand design issues. Always interested in quality. Humble and willing to embrace fresh ideas. Problem solvers”

Herb Schaal  ~  Landscape Architect

“A long-time customer since 1992 and still pleased with Designscapes Colorado. Phil and his crew have done at least ten projects at my home and each and every one is done correctly, promptly and professionally. I would highly recommended them for any job, big or small. They get a five star rating in my book. Thank you for making my yard look beautiful.”

Jan Cortez  ~  Homeowner

You guys have always been first class.

Tom Sattler  ~  Custom Home Builder

You've received awards lately for your outstanding designs/work. Congratulations!!!!

Kristin Lohmiller  ~  Homeowner

I saw the article in the landscape design/build magazine (Landscape and Hardscape March 2012) for the project you did in Evergreen. It is beautiful!!!

Greg  ~  Architect

Saw your write-up in "Landscape & Hardscape Design-Build". Very inspiring work. Congratulations!

Roger Haywood  ~  Accent Landscapes, Inc.


I went up there yesterday and I am thoroughly impressed with the job you did for the Gomez’s. The install is impeccable. You have been a pleasure to work with and I hope we get to do a lot more together. Thanks so much for all your hard work and for going way above and beyond. You have a great team and they have been a pleasure to be around for all of us.


In preparation I did a fair amount of research and interviewing with several companies and decided upon Designscapes for several reasons, not the least of which was the professionalism and responsiveness of their designer, Brian Breed.

Kip Anderson  ~  Happy Homeowner

Your design is beautiful - the team that put it altogether did a great job - they are so accommodating and do such good work.

Don & Pat Marsh  ~  Homeowners

"We are very happy with the way it looks, and appreciate the hard work and clean up that everyone did!"

Megan Florence  ~  Homeowner

We are absolutely thrilled with our Christmas lights. The whole crew did a great, great job! Thank you very much. We couldn't be any happier with how they did the trees and how thorough they (the crew) were.

Janet Moore

On behalf of Family Promise of Greater Denver and our families, thank you for supporting our mission to provide shelter, meals, and supportive services to homeless children and their families. Your generous donation of a landscape consultation contributed to a very successful Warming Ways for Winter fundraiser event!

Jolynn Snyder  ~  Executive Director of Family Promise of Greater Denver

Thank you so much for all of your help and all of your little touches! We love the new patio and planting beds. I'll look for the flowers you suggested but am sure that anything will look beautiful out there. We will also "cherish" our hand picked flagstone. You were so helpful in solving that issue! We had a great time working with you.

To sum it up, every person we met from Designscapes Colorado extended themselves to make sure that we were delighted with our new hard scape. We are happy to recommend Designscapes Colorado to our neighbors and friends and we look forward to continued landscape work with you in the future.

Noreen Dahl

Many thanks to you and your very capable crew for helping out with the NPSG parklet. It was a big hit and we couldn't have done it without you.

Dana Coelho, Urban and Community Forestry Program Manager USFS Rocky Mtn Region - Susan Alden, Partnership Liason USDA Forest Service

One of those artifacts is an oxidized and slightly smashed man's ring (missing the stone). I just cleaned it up a bit and noticed that it is 10K gold on sterling silver. It was found by one of Doug Gibb's landscaping crew members who walked across the site just to give it to me. I really appreciate the fact that they turned this ring over to me.

Marilyn A. Martorano, RPA  ~  Principal/Archaeologist, Martorano Consultants LLC

"Please tell Phil thanks again for everything, it was a gift to find someone who is so humble, kind, and talented.... Everyday we enjoy our yard we think of him with gratitude. We will continue to refer you all every chance we get."

Amy Kirsche

"Thank you so much!!! I have never had a yard this beautiful and I love it! I appreciate it everyday!"

Marisa Huston  ~  Homeowner, Denver

We really enjoy our beautiful new landscaping and garden!

Maureen Regan-Cannon  ~  Homeowner

I have not seen it in person, but from the photos, I am thrilled with the result. Thank you so much for all of your efforts on this one. You did a fantastic job!

Laurel, Landscape Architect

I just want to express my extreme gratitude for our awesome day with DaVita yesterday at McAuliffe. I actually got a thank you email from them at 5:30pm to thank me for such a great project. We could not have done it without out awesome crew chief Doug Gibb.

Cindy Eastman, Community Liaison

Just wanted to reach out to say “Thank You” not just for the perfect job but for fitting me in your busy schedule. I don’t think I would have wanted to be leaving town when someone was starting and completing a landscaping project; unless Reggie was overseeing it.

Again, thanks so much. Tanner is very happy and we are happy he’s 4 feet closer to the ground.

Tad M. Lyle  ~  Home Owner

"Colorado Designscapes is a first-rate construction firm with extremely capable and dedicated professionals, one that I recommend to your organization with complete confidence."

Charles Burdo  ~  City and County of Denver Community Planning & Development – Building Inspection  Construction Project Manager, Denver Public Schools

Due to your generosity and the generosity of the many friends of North Star Academy, the North Star Academy 2012 Auction was a resounding success! Your support and donations are appreciated. Thank you for your contribution.

Katie Siers  ~  Auction Chairperson

I would like to take this time to express my gratitude to Colorado Designscapes and all of their employees for their years of invaluable maintenance and service to the 145+ Denver Public Schools Sites.

Jerry Lindeman  ~  Denver Public Schools  DPS Crew Chief

I want you to know that I have the BEST lawn crew guys I've ever had...

Peggy Scofield  ~  Homeowner

"We LOVE the new patio and planting beds. And we will also cherish our hand picked flagstone."

Noreen Dahl  ~  Homeowner

Holly has done a fantastic job with her selection of different things that we have never tried before.

Glynis Albright  ~  Homeowner

"...thanks for all the beautiful pots and flowers. They look amazing, as always!"

Luauna Rule

Your commitment to high quality has given us the canvas for years of new memories.

Tracy Dachenhausen

Hi Jeff, The yard is looking lovely! I'm so happy you're the guy I got for our job! Your attention to detail is impeccable! Thank you! Thank you!

Stephanie  ~  Homeowner

I think the grounds at Cherry Hills Park have never looked better! You folks at Designscapes have done an excellent job in the design and maintenance.

Veronica  ~  Horticulturist

Please tell Phil thanks again for everything, it was a gift to find someone who is so humble, kind, and talented...Everyday we enjoy our yard, we think of him with gratitude. We will continue to refer you all every chance we get.

Amy Kirschke

"Thanks so much, I am so pleased how the renovation at the front turned out. It looks awesome."

JoAnn Beaupre

Good morning,

I wanted to pay a compliment to your snow crew this morning.

One of our sales guys, Jim, gets here reather early. When he showed up, of course the snow is everywhere. Your crew was already here, and one guy was kind enough to come over and shovel a path to our door so Jim duidn't have to plow his way through it.

Thought you should know. Have a good one.

Gary  ~  Property Owner

The CSM Cares Committee believes your very generous response made the difference in exceeding their goal for 2012, which resulted in their incredibly generous donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.

Donna Moores  ~  Director of Corporate & Planned Giving Partnerships

Your generous donation shows how much you care about others and about helping children sustain healthy life. You have helped make a real difference in the lives of the children benefited through the Feed Our Children campaign.

John D. Strohm  ~  Farrell-Roeh 

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your employees and their work in the construction of the Caroline Maxfield Memorial Playground.

Katie  ~  Business Manager

John, whom I have worked with before, was up to work on the irrigation here and I just wanted to give you kudos for the job he did today! He really spent a lot of time going through this system with me.

Mark  ~  Caretaker

Thank you so much for the donation of a landscape design plan to Family Promise for our annual fundraising event Warming Ways for Winter this past November.

Pat Hagen  ~  WWW Fundraising Chair

We received your generous donation in today's mail. THANK YOU!! We appreciate your participation in the CSM Sip & Shop to benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

Angie Hewitt  ~  CSM Properties 

Not only did Brian provide us with a gorgeous design and plan for the back yard, he also took care of and communicated every detail to us so that we essentially did not have to worry about anything while the project was being completed.

Shaylee Holland

I wanted both you and the BMD Board Members to know how impressed I have been with the way Designscapes is systematically going over the irrigation system this year.

More our pleasure than theirs ! Oscar, Marco and Gabriel are stars! They are Designscapes at its Best. We are fortunate to work with them. Thanks, Char. You are right up there with them! Thanks for all you do.

I just saw Designscapes won Contractor of the Year in my Colorado Green. Congrats!

John M. Birkey, RLA, ASLA  ~  Principal, Norris Design

On behalf of the Rocky Ford Golf Club, I extend our thanks for your generous donation of trees. They will greatly beautify the course and will be enjoyed by golfers for many years.

Claudia Conley  ~  President of RFGC 

THANK YOU for your generous donation!! We appreciate your support - without it our event wouldn't be possible!

Angie Hewitt  ~  Commercial Property Manager

So thrilled with the news of Designscapes Colorado being a SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPE PARTNER!! That is terrific!!
It all helps "mother earth".

Ann  ~  Homeowner

"Dear Fernando, Thank you so much for all your hard work on our landscaping. We appreciate the dedication of you and your crew. You are always so pleasant and agreeable to any changes. Please accept these gift certificates for you and your crew as a token of our appreciation. The landscaping looks amazing - better than we imagined.""Gabriel is fantastic and his crew is amazing. I've never seen a group work so hard and with such efficiency."

Bill and Suellyn  ~  Homeowners

"I want to thank you for the great job you did this summer at the Ravenna front entry and also the Collins residence. Your attention to detail and follow through on items we discuss each visit is very much appreciated! I'm looking forward to working together again next season! Please make sure your helpers understand that I appreciate their hard work as well."

Sheila  ~  Ravenna

Dear Phil,
It is through generous support from industry leaders like you that allows our students to travel to this important event. Thank you from our team for your generous commitment to our students.

Jaclyn Salts, Alex Smith, Kristen Whitehead, Zachary S. Johnson.

"Gina and I wanted to thank you for all of the hard work you and the team put into the project." "We certainly understand it's not the biggest one you and your company has worked on. The design came out even better than we expected. Mark and his group did an outstanding job, please tell them thank you from us. They were courteous, dedicated and detail oriented. We look forward to working with Designscapes [Colorado] in the future."

Mike and Gina  ~  Homeowners

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude for the quality work that is being done by your employees. Your job superintendent, Doug Gibb is a pleasure to work with. Since the first day, Doug and I started working together, it became obvious that he is the type of person that believes in doing things right. If there was something that didn't quite meet our expectations, he would offer to redo it. No complaints, he just did it, while maintaining a positive attitude. His crew was also very polite and willing to do whatever you asked. Inspectors are asked to rate the contractors at the end of each project. You can be assured that Designscapes [Colorado] will get an excellent rating from me, as well as the engineer in charge of the project."

Joe Trevizo  ~  El Paso County Inspector

I can't thank you enough. I come home to the most beautifully cleaned yard I could ever ask for.

Peggy  ~  Home Owner

"You guys did an awesome job cleaning up our leaves and pruning the bushes. This was a lot of work! Please let them know this was a job well done and much appreciated."

Barbara  ~  Woodglen Square HOA

"Doug, the park looks awesome." I've dealt with a lot of subcontractors and Designscapes [Colorado] is top notch."

John  ~  El Paso County Parks

"You all are amazing! I am blown away by the quality of everyone's work. Thank you! The plants that were delivered are gorgeous! Gorgeous! The Honey Locust is huge. So glad it's going in the front. I hope you love you love your job because you are an artist!

Diana  ~  Homeowner

"Gabriel is fantastic and his crew is amazing. I've never seen a group work so hard and with such efficiency."

Kira  ~  Homeowner