Why you should plan your spring garden now | Tip of the Week

Winter officially began just a few weeks ago, but it's already time to think about what you want in your garden this summer. In this post, we will tell you why you should start planning your 2021 spring garden now. 

Last year, gardening supply companies and garden centers experienced a huge spike in demand for seeds, plants and other gardening needs. Experts expect that demand to continue in 2021, and some suppliers have already sold out of some seed varieties. 

If you have dreams of a vegetable garden this summer or have specific desires for flower varieties in your landscape, now is the time to plan. During these cold month, it can be a comforting act to grab a mug of coffee, cocoa or tea and settle in with a catalog or a web browser pointed to your favorite supplier. Browse the options, plan your garden, and place your request now to be sure your landscape is filled with your favorite plants. 

Not sure what will thrive in your backyard conditions? Now is the time to talk with one of our landscape designers about a design that is best for your property. Start the process now and don't wait until schedules are booked and supplies are low. 

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