What’s The Vibe in Your Yard?

Our yards say something to us when we turn into the driveway at night – and they also say something about us to others who drive or walk past.  They welcome us home with a warm hug – and also give off a nice vibe to passers by – or not.
What does your outdoor ambiance say to your  first-time guests?  How do YOU feel when you roll into the driveway after work?

If the vibe is a little off, the look is a bit scruffy or the overall feel is dated, it might be time to update the landscape.

Amazing transformations can be accomplished simply by pruning out-of-control plants to restore a neat appearance.  The next step can be removing overgrown bushes that are taking up too much space.  Junipers, in particular, have a way of overgrowing their usefulness and even browning out in the process.  

A good spring cleaning to remove winter debris from the beds and refreshing the mulch will bump up the curb appeal.  And springtime is an excellent time to prune non-flowering trees and shrubs as well as to remove/replace those plants that truly have outgrown their usefulness.  It’s not yet time to plant, but old plants can be removed now and the beds can be prepped for planting later on.

It’s amazing to see what can happen when a few overgrown plants are replaced with newer, brighter varieties.   This is the outside equivalent of updating a worn sofa by throwing on a new cover.  There’s a lot of bang from the bucks spent on even a few new plants.    

As you consider replacement varieties, consider plants like those from Colorado’s own Plant Select® that have been developed for Colorado’s altitude, harsh growing conditions – and to be water conserving.  Also, consider plants that either attract or repel wildlife.

Most horticulturists agree we need to create a better habitat for pollinators, even in urban areas, and there are attractive and low-water plants that pollinators love.  If deterring deer or other wildlife is important, select varieties that critters would rather pass by. 

Still not enough?
More extensive projects will definitely up the outdoor impact, but it’s important to know what you want, what you have room to do and how much you can accomplish with the resources at hand.  

It used to be that a sprinkler system was the luxury item of the wealthy.  Same for water features and then, other amenities like fire features.  Now, with the expanding options available, all of these items can be affordable and incorporated into even into the tiniest of yards.

Did you know an out-of-the-box fire pit can appear to be custom made just by surrounding it with an expensive-looking finish?  These are the things to be thinking about and planning ahead for as we get closer to the outdoor living season.

Tonight before you hit the opener and head into the garage, look across the yard and let it talk to you.  What it says can guide your choices this spring.

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