Tip of the Week! Think Spring…Even If It’s 5 Below Zero

We may be knee deep in snow, but it’s a New Year and not too soon to think about what’s just a few months ahead in the growing season. This deep freeze reminds us there are things we need to know, things we need to check out – and things we need to anticipate if we’re to enjoy another thriving growing season. Here are 5 things to get your yard set for 2017.


#1 – Assess Christmas Day damage

Severe high winds on Christmas Day damaged many trees and large shrubs by cracking and breaking branches. Have trees checked by a pro as soon as you can especially if you can see dangling limbs. They can fall at any time, cause property damage and are a liability.

Also beware of unlicensed arborists who often lack training and skill. Check with your city to make sure any tree service you consider is licensed by your municipality. That’s an important pre-qualification to avoid a hack job.

#2 – Was your sprinkler system properly winterized?

Systems not properly winterized are most vulnerable to freeze damage and flooding given the hard freezes to date. Backflow prevention devices, valves and the lowest heads will be most at risk-and also the most costly to repair. If your system wasn’t fully drained or blown out, make sure the water is turned off to avoid flooding.

#3 – Plan Colorado-friendly plant replacements

The yard you inherited from a previous owner may not have Colorado-hardy plants. Don’t perpetuate their mistakes if their plant choices don’t survive the harsh winter. Replace casualties with plants that want to grow in Colorado and look great growing here.
Plant Select® has a wide array of plants from ground covers, perennials, vines and more–some that are deer resistant, attractive to pollinators and not water guzzlers. Their lists also include plants for ranges of altitude and hardiness zones. Rely on their research for resilient plants.

#4 – Plan for the unexpected

Budget beyond the petunias and veggies you can’t wait to plant every spring. Pruning, irrigation repairs, disease treatments and plant replacements also need to be factored in because more often than not, Mother Nature delivers her surprises.

If you need more than a few plant replacements, work with a pro who can provide a design and plan of action that isn’t a short-term fix but a long-term solution.

#5 – Schedule work soon

A lot of the remedial work that couldn’t be completed in 2016 has carried over the winter and is scheduled for 2017. Book your projects early so you’re sure to get work underway as soon as possible.

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