There’s Still Time to Plant

Mid-August when many plants are mature and looking their best is a great time to explore nearby gardens and take stock of plants you might want to add to your yard before the growing season ends.

Once the hottest days of summer have passed, we still have several weeks of good weather ahead that are prime for planting. The perennials we plant now will have time to get well established so they can take off early next spring.

Start noticing plants you love in neighbor’s yards and elsewhere. Wherever you walk or drive, there will be plants whose color or texture grab your attention.  Keep your phone ready to snap a pic of the ones you might not recognize, but want to remember.  If you don’t plant them this season, they can start your plant wish list for next spring.

A valuable resource in this process is Plant Select plants. Because they have been developed for Colorado’s altitude, severe climate and other growing conditions, they can be mainstays for both a stellar and sustainable landscape.  Here’s one shining example.

 Curly Leaf Sea Kale.


This plant grows 14″ tall by 24-30″ wide.

It was a 2013 winner that offers:

– A pollinator- friendly haven. The flowers, which last about a month, attract a wide range of pollinators including bees, butterflies, and moths

– Long term value. Curly leaf sea kale is a very long-lived perennial, so be sure to plant it where it has room to grow to its full size and glory.


Sun: Full sun

Soil and Moisture: Adaptable to a wide range

Blooms: Flowers in early summer

Hardiness: USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8

More fresh ideas from Plant Select

There are nearly 90 public gardens throughout the Rocky

Mountains and High Plains area featuring Plant Select. They can be found at CSU Extension offices, libraries, fire stations, Xeriscape Demonstration gardens, public parks, ect. Demonstration garden locations can be found on the interactive map.



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