Let’s Explore Nature

Nature is earth’s natural present to humanity.  Our environmental gift sustains animal and plant life depend on all overall conditions of planet Earth.  Consequently, human intervention has had both a positive and negative impact on our surroundings by either causing changes in the inner workings of the environment or its attempt to bring back in balance what has been disturbed. Therefore we have become acutely aware of the cataclysmic effects and have formed hundreds of environmental awareness programs to counteract the outcome.

The questions we ask are:

  • Will our efforts ever be enough to preserve our planet?
  • Are we all doing our fair share to help save Mother Earth?
  • Most importantly, do we practice what we preach?

Let’ take a moment to reflect on the beauty, harmony and perfection of our ambiance.

The world has much eye candy for nature lovers.  Take a look at some of the most uncommon tress and flowers that will fascinate you.

Unique Trees

Rainbow Gum

Rainbow Gum

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree found in Hawaii, also known as the Mindanao gum, or rainbow gum thrives in tropical forest that get a lot of rain.  The multi-hued bark is what’s most fascinated about this tree.  This tree sheds its outer bark at different times but annually and displays its bright green inner bark which in turn matures and gives off blue, purple, orange and maroon tones. Even more impressive, the seasons bark peels off in strips to reveal a bright colored new bark beneath it.  This process results in vertical streaks of orange, green blue and gray.

Mindanao Gum

Mindanao Gum

Courety pin in terest - Gaia






Perfect Nature – Speechless!!












Redwood Branches that have grown so massive that ferns and wood decay into more soil and a small tree grew from it. This is the beauty of nature we don’t get to see everyday.



Bristlecone pine - oldest tree on earth




Introducing the Bristle Pine (Pinus longaeva) which comes from the pine trees species that flourish in more harsh environments such as rocky dolomitic soils and areas with virtually no rainfall.  The aged tree goes back more then 5,000 years making it the most ancient tree known of any species.






Paperbark Cherry Tree (Prunus serrula) native to both tropical and subtropical forest of South America grows up to 20 to 30 ft. in height and bloom 5 petal white flower clusters in late spring.

Wisteria Tree








Wisteria Tree (Hygrophila difformis)–  This tree includes ten species of wood climbing bines native to Eastern United States, China, Korea and Japan.  The flowers develop in buds near the base of the previous year’s growth,  The flowers of some varieties are edible and can even be used to make wine.

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