Identify Problems and Protect the Trees | Tip of the Week

Learn what is damaging your tree, and how to stop it. Distinguish between plant damage brought on by diseases, insects, or a nutrient deficiency. Learn to identify these pests and how to protect the trees. Beetles and bugs are damaging our trees.

Ash Bark Beetle - These beetles are accounting for most of the decline of the Ash trees. Bark beetles infest and reproduce in live trees. They may infest the entire tree. Spring pruning and disposal of infested branches can limit population development of the beetle.
Ash Bark Beetle - What is wrong with my tree?

Anthracnose - Anthracnose is a group of fungal diseases that affect a variety of plants. Shade trees such as sycamore, ask, oak and maple are especially susceptible. Anthracnose causes the wilting, withering, and dying of tissues. Other symptoms are girdled dead twigs and areas of sunken bark. Good sanitation is the first line of defense; rack and safely destroy all fallen leaves from infected trees and roses.
Anthracnose - Why are my tree leaves brown?


Maple trees - What's happening with Maple trees where the leaves are more yellowish than green or red. This is not from beetles but by micro-nutrient chlorosis. This occurs when a tree shrub is lacking micronutrients. Treat this by incorporating chelated formulas of iron or manganese or zinc into foil.

Chlorosis Bacteria - Why are my tree leaves brown?

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