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Extend Your Evenings with Landscape Lighting

With days getting shorter, now is a great time to be thinking about how lighting can help you make the most of your yard. We are almost a month out from the first day of fall, and landscape lighting can help give us more time outdoors. There are three main ways lighting can enhance our outdoor experiences; accessibility, security and ambiance.
Landscape Lighting  Ranch  Barn Stone wall

Landscape lighting benefits

Whether it is lighting a walkway or stairs, adding light to darker parts of the yard, or making a patio more welcoming, we can enhance these spaces through lighting and make them more useable for more of the year. 
Path Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting technology options

Landscape lighting is continually advancing with technology. LED is common for improving efficiency. Smart controllers are available for both retrofitting an existing system or starting a fresh new one. You can even add color changing lights that can give some extra fun outside for a special event. 
Floating Stair Lights Landscape Lighting
Contact one of our landscape lighting professionals to help you get started designing and installing your lighting system. 

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