Crazy Colorado Weather: Taking Care of 6,000 Flowers

Here at Designscapes Colorado, we know that the crazy Colorado weather can change at just a moments notice. We have seen exactly that this week, but after being in business for 25 years, we know to expect the unexpected.

Thankfully mother nature gave us just enough of a warning this week to save us from planting our beautiful annual flowers too early. Earlier this week we took delivery of a large quantity of flowers: over 6,000 to be exact. With planting normally occurring as soon as flowers arrive, we had to think fast about how to handle the incoming storm.

Flowers normally arrive from nurseries as far away as Texas, California, or even Florida. Most of these flowers are not hardy enough to withstand the temperatures that we had this past week, and so planting them before this storm was out of the option. This is when our office turns into a mini nursery. All the free space in the hallways and the kitchen will be filled up with beautiful flowers until the weather gets warmer!

As a landscaper in Colorado, anything can happen!

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