A Letter From the ALCC President | November

Last month the leadership and future leadership of our industry came together for our annual Fall Forum in Golden, Colorado. Although our group was smaller, we had a very productive day that consisted of break out groups that tackled everything from the shortage of our labor force to reengaging our SLM Program and training, to the looming drought. The highlights of the afternoon were two panel groups that were part of the initiatives that I wanted to address during my presidency. My first being "women in the green" where we had three women leaders that discussed their successes, challenges and the opportunity to empower women in all areas of our industry. The second panel was a group of Latino leaders, led by board member Luis Estrada that talked about the importance of communication and training to improve our Latino workforce and promote and grow our teams from within. These panels proved to be very enlightening and inspirational to say the least.

As always the highlight of the Fall Forum is the opportunity to socialize and connect with other members of our industry in a causal atmosphere. I am excited to announce that at our board meeting, two standing committees were formed based on our panel discussions. The importance of promoting our industry to women and ensuring their success as well as our relationship with the Latino community will continue to be the foundation for these committees to establish dialogue and change that will better our industry.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I always find it a time to reflect and give thanks for some of the things we all take for granted.

I am thankful to be in Colorado and involved in an industry that...
  • Beautifies our world.
  • Protects and preserves our natural resources and the environment through sustainable programs.
  • Is full of dedicated, hard-working individuals that know the true meaning of work.
  • has a top-rated agricultural school in Fort Collins and that is doing a tremendous job in global education and research that we are able to benefit and recruit from.
  • Is working with the Latino community to build better relationships through education, immigration and seasonal workforce initiatives.
  • Recognizes the importance of a safe workplace and works hard through training programs to improve.
  • Recognizes the importance of staying relevant and resilient to new ideas from SLM, Sustainable Landscape Partners and seasonal work.
  • Has allowed me to serve as president and meet so many new people that I now call friends.
I hope that you all have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and that you are able to spend time with your friends, family and loved ones and enjoy the holiday.


Phil Steinhauer
ALCC Board President
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