A Letter From the ALCC President | May

As we continue to navigate our businesses through this pandemic, the ALCC members and staff have been continually working to advocate for the Colorado green industry. The work that they have done has ensured that we are able to continue to operate as essential businesses and provide the services that are necessary to Colorado's landscape industry. 

Last week was a milestone during this pandemic, as the ALCC Board of Directors met in person for the first time in over a year. It was really great to see everyone and made me realize what we have all been longing for in over a year. It was really great to see everyone and made me realize what we have all been longing for and benefit from - that personal discussion and interaction with our peers. 

Some of the important issues we discussed were the SLM Colorado program, which provides training on sustainable landscape maintenance practices. As of March 2021, more than 250 individuals at ALCC member companies have received the SLM certificate since the program began in late 2019. We are excited to announce that we are anticipating returning to in-person training classes in June 2021. 

As we look to evolve and expand the program, we are introducing the Sustainable Landscape Community Program. This program will provide a designation to communities such as commercial properties, HOAs and other common areas that are maintained using sustainable maintenance practices. ALCC will share more information in the coming months on this new benefit that SLM offers.

The moisture we have received in April has helped our drought conditions, but we are not completely "out of the woods" yet. ALCC is leading the effort and has activated the Green CO partners to participate in funding and developing a drought strategy for key messaging, public relations, and lobbying efforts. ALCC will continue to work with local municipalities and water districts to monitor these conditions. 

Labor or lack thereof seems to be the biggest concern with all of our member companies. The board openly discussed the issues we are facing, H-2B being our top priority. A virtual conference call was held with Senator Bennett and Senator Hickenlooper in mid-April, and both senators are on board and support the H-2B visa program in Colorado. We will continue to message and educate our newly elected officials on the labor crisis here in Colorado and continue to lobby for immigration reform. 

It is my hope that we continue to keep our teams safe as our companies gear up for the busy spring season.


Phil Steinhauer
Designscapes Colorado, Centennial
ALCC Board President
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