A Letter From the ALCC President | March

I can't believe that spring will be here in less than a month (March 20th)! I'm sure a lot of you are thinking, "We never got a break this year. " With the unseasonably warm weather and lack of snow, a lot of you have been able to work through the winter. 

In talking with our members, the green industry has had its ups and downs this past year. Many of us saw increased demand for our products and services, while others have struggled to operate under the mandates of the CDC guidelines with running their crews and keeping them safe.

It is my hope that as we move forward into spring with warmer weather and more vaccination rollouts, we will start to see a significant drop in COVID-19 cases. As an industry, I hope that we can encourage and educate our teams on the importance and significance of getting vaccinated.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink how we do business. With labor still being a number one concern for all our businesses, hopefully we can create some new opportunities for the green industry. This pandemic has revealed steps that as an industry we should take to bring awareness to men and women who are looking for alternate career paths due to their industries closing or working on reduced staff. This can be done by ensuring pathways for development and growth, building a stronger relationship with the Hispanic community, and borrowing the business models from the restaurant and hospitality industries on customer service and eye for detail.

At ALCC, work continues in key areas including:
  • Drought response. ALCC is working to educate legislators and water providers on the importance of healthy landscapes to help mitigate the effects of drought. We are also aiming at educating the public on the importance of responsible outdoor water use. 
  • Advocacy. We are hopeful that with the new administration in DC, progress can be made on H-2B visa reform. Work also continues at the state and local levels to represent the landscape industry as legislation and regulations are developed and implemented.
  • SLM Colorado. With monthly classes schedule through spring and the generous support of Northern Water to subsidize registration fees, we look forward to welcoming many more SLM certificates in the coming months. 
  • ProGreen Experience. Last week we wrapped the first-ever ProGreen Experience, a virtual event with more educational sessions than ever.
As we hopefully move forward into a new era of post-pandemic business, I encourage you to get involved with the many programs that ALCC provides. I would be happy, along with any other staff member, to discuss with you the opportunities to volunteer.


Phil Steinhauer
Designscapes Colorado, Centennial
ALCC Board President
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