A Letter From the ALCC President | April

As we all gear up for the spring rush, everyone is probably getting a little rest from the last two weeks of snow, including one of Denver's top 5 storms. (Several of our staff worked 36 hours straight) Despite what many have assumed, recent snowstorms have not pulled the state out of drought. The southwest was not affected at all, and they remain in extreme or exceptional drought. Water efficiency is still crucial in Colorado. 97% of the state is still in some form of drought, and this is part of a cycle. Drought in CO is not an if, but a when, and as stewards of the built environment, the landscape industry should be leading by example and educating consumers that sustainable healthy landscapes can be beautiful.

Many of our H2B via workers will be arriving soon and ALCC continues to try to influence DHS to release the additional H2B visas to help those companies effected by the lottery. Our influence has always had a beneficial impact, so I would encourage you to continue to call your congressmen and senators on the importance of these workers. 

We are now in Phase 1B.4 of Colorado's vaccination rollout. I would encourage all of you to read and handout the information sheet that NALP sent out on "COVID-19 Vaccine Facts for Landscape and Lawn Care Companies". I think that it is important for the safety of our crews that they have all the information so that they can make an informed decision on whether to be vaccinated. They have done a great job to print this in Spanish as well. I am trying to work with some community leaders and influencers to help get the word out and will keep you updated with the progress. 

I think it would be great to hear from all of you on a look back where the industry is after the pandemic and shutdowns. At Designscapes Colorado we were able to streamline some of our crews that provided some long-term benefits and efficiencies. Because of the displaced restaurant and hospitality workers, we have found more women looking for work in the green industry than ever before and they have become a valuable addition to our workforce. I would be interested to hear what changes you made an dhow they have benefited your company.

It seems as though you can do all the planning possible and we as an industry are never fully equipped to handle the spring rush. Best of luck to you all as we kick off the new season.


Phil Steinhauer
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