3 Tips on Planning a Water-wise Landscape | Tip of the Week

It's too early to start planting, but it's a good time to make a plan for a successful landscape this year. Recent heavy snowfall was much-needed, but it has not eliminated drought in the state, so be sure that your landscape plans are strategic and water-wise. In this blog post, we will give you three tips on how to plan for a water-wise landscape for this season. 

3 Tips for planning a water-wise landscape

1. Start with the sprinkler system
 - When water is scarce, sprinklers need to be at maximum efficiency so that every drop you use and pay for has a purpose. Schedule your service now, before irrigation professionals are booked up.
  • If you've never had a professional audit of your system, do it this year. Make the repairs that keep your plants healthy and stop water waste.
  • Then, consider some water-efficient upgrades like adding more drip irrigation or better nozzles on the sprinkler heads.
  • See what rebates might be available from water providers and cities for system upgrades. They can help cover your costs. 

2. Keep up with maintenance - Poor maintenance practices lead to compromised plants that can be susceptible to insect damage and diseases. If your plants are drought-stressed now, their immune factor is already low. 
  • Clean out the winter plant debris in beds where problems can start.
  • Consult a landscape professional about pruning non-flowering trees and shrubs to promote natural growth and vigor and about whether your lawn could benefit from springtime aeration. 

3. Put the right plant in the right place
- A water-wise landscape doesn't have to be drab and full of rocks. Use plants that are meant to be grown here in Colorado's conditions and you can still have a vibrant, colorful landscape. 

A water-wise landscape will not only save water but also save you time and money while delivering many benefits.
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