2022 Newest Members in the Step-Up Program

2022 Newest Members into the Step-up Program

On September 28th the newest members of our Step-Up program were announced. This program has changed over 50 of our H2B employees lives in the past 4 years. When selected to be apart of the Step-Up program, our employees start the process to becoming legal permanent residents of the U.S. This year we we’re able to help 15 of our guys begin this process. 
The lighting team introduced 2 guys, our residential and maintenance team introduced 4 guys each, and our commercial team introduced 5 guys.

Commercial Construction Team:
(Top row from left to right)

1. Juan Antonio Rodriguez Flores
Joel Macias Lopez
3. Everardo Macias Lopez
4. Mauricio Vazquez Vera
5. Luis Armando Ibarra Palma

Lighting Team:
1. Juan Hugo Armando Sanchez Mirelez (Middle Left) 
2. Jose Alfredo Rodriguez Luevano (Bottom Left)

Residential Team:
(Middle row in order from left to right) 

1. Carlos David Flores Bustos
2. Juan Daniel Loza Vargas
3. Jesus Figueroa Rico
4. Rodrigo Vargas Hernandez

Maintenance Team:
(Bottom row in order from left to right)

1. Daniel Calixto Rojas
2. Jose Luis Lara Alvarez
3. Aureliano Hernandez Quintana
4. Francisco Gustavo Alcala


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