A Neoclassic Formal Garden

Project: Maintenance, Residential
Location: Cherry Hills Village, CO
2019 NALP Gold Award for Residential Landscape Management. On a little more than three acres, the gardens of this traditional home were designed as a series of formally enclosed spaces framed within brick and wrought iron walls and clipped hedges.
The strength of the design is in its thoughtful attention to proportion and symmetry with the backyard colonnade providing long axial views to the expansive lawn and informal gardens in the distance. The colonnade processional acts a divider, separating the recreational pool area to the more peaceful gardens off the dining room. At the end of the colonnade the more formal gardens give way to the looser more flowing and sinuous gardens beyond the boundaries of the seemingly protected and comforting formal boundaries. The grounds include many nooks and secluded areas where you can sit and enjoy the foliage, the smells or simply contemplate. These secret gardens include vintage and antique site furnishings that add another level of old world charm to the design.

The attention to detail with Belgian Block borders for the gravel paths, limestone fountains and patios and courtyards out of native buff flagstone, edged in brick, are reminiscent of a time gone by. The stunning beauty of this unique property with its classical architecture – its unique setting in the Rocky Mountains – and beautiful gardens will stand the test of time.