An Eclectic Hideaway

2019 ALCC ELITE Award Winner

Inspired by worldly ventures and past memories our clients experienced around the world and in Colorado, “An Eclectic Hideaway” is a family friendly extended living space with hidden nooks and areas of interest. The space includes a Bali inspired spa, pool, and water feature combination, a rustic fire pit, and an upper level vegetable garden. Slab stairs ascend to the upper vegetable garden where a meandering path flows to a hammock hangout area for the ultimate destination for relaxation. 

The homeowner's goal with this design was to create a family-friendly outdoor living space that flowed from the doors of their home and maximized every part of their yard. Views out of their kitchen and living room are now framed by trees, boulder outcroppings, flowering shrubs and perennials drawing you out to use the spa and fire pit. Previously, the view of the yard was restricted to an 8' wooden fence covering a concrete retaining wall, a broken lawn space and a dated deck. The homeowner's objectives were to maximize lawn space for their active son, maintain privacy, install a Bali inspired spa, establish a place to grow their own vegetables, and make their upper level garden attractive and usable. The client's also wanted the space to be a place where family and friends could congregate year-round.