Winter Watering Important Now!

With the words of “drought” continually in the headlines, we are faced with another tough season on our landscapes.  What can you do now?  In order to help your plants survive the potentially tough water restrictions that may be placed by the water municipalities, you can winter water.

On a nice day like today is supposed to be, drag out the hose and water your trees for at least 10 minutes per tree and water those shrubs and perennial beds too!  During dry spells this winter (where we don’t have any snow or moisture from melting snow), it is really important to also water your turf. 

By watering your turf and plants now, you’ll be helping your landscape have the strength in the spring to emerge as strong and healthy as they can be and hopefully, give them the ability to thrive during drought conditions.

Let’s hope for some snowfall soon and frequently through the remainder of the winter!  In the meantime, grab a hose and get watering!


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