Winter Plant Care | The Tip of the Week

Plants are a great living gift during the holidays. Be sure you know how to adjust indoor plant care during the winter, and your houseplants will bring you joy well into the new year.

Poinsettias will last a long time indoors with good, bright light. Cyclamen is also a popular flowering plant for gifting during the holidays that do well in cooler temperatures. Keep it in a bright, cool window and enjoy its winter blooms. 

For most tropical houseplants, follow these guidelines:
  1. Keep them warm. Put them in a room with a steady temperature of 60-75 degrees. 
  2. Avoid temperature swings. Don't keep them near cold, drafty windows or heat sources like fireplace or radiators. 
  3. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight. Their usual spot may not get as much light in the winter, so you may need to move them to a sunnier windowsill.
  4. Water less and ease up on the fertilizer. Like us, plants slow down in winter. They won't need as much water and they may not need any fertilizer at all.
If you want to be a hands-on "plant parent", wipe down their leaves with a damp cloth instead. Since homes can be dry in the winter, your tropical plants may also benefit from a little mist of water or a humidifier. 
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