Why Winter Watering is Important

Dry conditions across Colorado means you 'll need to drag out the hose and sprinkler and water your landscape this winter. Snowfall usually provides far less moisture than rain, so you should supplement with winter watering when the ground is not frozen. 

During dry spells this winter, (where there is no snow or moisture from melting snow), it is important to hand water you turf, plants and trees. By watering your turf and plants now, you'll be helping your landscape have the strength in the spring to emerge as strong and healthy as it can be and hopefully give it the ability to thrive during this dry spell.

Follow these guidelines from CSU on when and how to water this winter
  • Water when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees with no snow cover.
  • Water mid-day so that the water doesn't freeze overnight and cause damage.
  • Watering one or two times per month, depending on conditions, is usually sufficient. Water long enough so that the soil is thoroughly soaked without run-off. Use the cycle-and-soak method for sloped areas. 

Hand-watering your landscape this winter is a good investment in the long-term value of your property. Let's hope for some snowfall soon. In the meantime, grab a hose and water your trees, plants, and turf!
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