Why LED Holiday Lighting?

With the holiday season fast approaching, lets talk about lighting, specifically LED lights.  The LED (Light Emitting Diode) systems have some significant advantages over traditional holiday lights.  They can reduce energy costs by 70% or more, they are more durable, and have a very long life span due to the lack of filaments that burn out over time.  These types of lights are low voltage, enabling designs that are no longer limited to the amount of power in your yard.  You can actually run a string of lights 1/2 mile long from a single electrical outlet!  LED’s come in a unique verity of colors and styles to match any holiday theme.  LED’s are more expensive up front, however they are a much better value long term due to their energy savings.

Here at Designscapes Colorado, we provide professional lighting design and installation that will really make your house stand out this holiday season!  Whether you are looking for a festive touch, or a large scale display, our experienced team will help make your holiday visions come true.  Email us at info@designscapes.org, or call 303 721-9003 to speak with us today!


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