What’s New for 2012 Color?

One of the things I love about my job the most as a Landscape Designer in Denver is designing seasonal color for my client’s flower pots and planting beds.  On my TV segment with Bertha Lynn on Channel 7 this morning, Bertha and I showed the viewer’s how to make beautiful flower pots and utilizing some of the newest and greatest annuals for this season.  Some of the annuals I mentioned were:

Celosia ‘Enterprise Wine’ is a fantastic celosia variety that has a beautiful deep cranberry central plum that is surrounded by several other plumes giving it the appearance of fullness.  This annual loves full sun and can grow between 28”-36” tall.  This is a great option for height in your annual containers and beds.  This also makes a wonderful cut flower.

Coleus ‘Wasabi’ has the name that speaks for itself.  This has a fantastic green color and has a bushy habit that is selected for this year’s picks for its outstanding performance and vigor.  You can plant these in sun or shade and can get 18”-36” tall.

Pansy ‘Cool Wave Blueberry Frost’ is an incredible trailing pansy.  These have incredible flowers and can withstand much cooler temperatures than most seasonal color plants.  They only grow about 6”-8” tall and can spread up to 2’!  This would be an ideal plant for containers or for our viewers that live in the mountains.

Petunia ‘Easy Wave South Beach Mix’ is a beautiful and bright combination!  These petunias can bloom all summer long and will really fill in your planting beds or pots.  They love the sun and are incredibly easy.  The red, salmon and violet bloom mix can spread up to 3’.  Talk about getting a high impact from a petunia!

Petunia ‘Debonair Lime Green’ has a beautiful green color that we’re not used to seeing out of a Petunia.  These are wonderful for mixing in container gardens or in landscape borders.  They can grow about 12” wide and between 10”-15” tall.  Looking for something new that can handle full sun?  These are the answer.

Snapdragon ‘Twinny Rose’ has incredibly unique double-flowers that are butterfly type.  These plants have performed great in spring or fall weather.  They prefer cooler weather like pansies so, for those of you who live in the mountains – add this one to your list.  It also comes in a peach color.  They only grow to about 12” tall so; this too would be wonderful in your pots or beds.

Dianthus ‘Lavender Picotee’ is a dynamic Dianthus variety that has large flowers on short plants.  They only grow about 8”-10” tall and can tolerate full sun to part shade.  Take note on these flowers because they can take frosts! 

A few other flowers I showed today were: ‘Rose Magic’ Osteospermum, ‘Windy’s Wish’ Salvia, ‘Phloxy Lady’ annual Phlox and ‘Cotton Candy Mix’ Vinca.

Keep in mind spring did arrive early this year so some of these plant varieties may not be readily available but, they will be!  If you’d like help with the designing and installation of your seasonal flower pots and planting beds, please contact the professionals at Designscapes Colorado at 303.721.9003.  We’d be happy to help make your yard look fantastic and colorful!

Phil & Bertha Review Segment Outline

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