Unusual Containers

Unusual Containers to Plant In

Phil and Bertha Lynn (denverchannel.com) demonstrated on Monday how creative and fun unusual containers can be for displaying your seasonal color!

Even better is that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up quickly and there are some great ideas for planting containers:

 – Old boots or shoes

 – Luggage

 – Baskets

 – Milk containers/galvanized buckets

 – Old fruit or vegetable crates

 – Tool boxes

 – Fishing creel

 – Enamel pots/pans

Get creative and add splashes of color!  I just had another thought – what about a cigar box planted with cool succulents and cacti for Dad?! 

If you would like help with your seasonal color – in creative in unusual containers or in your flower pots, planters and beds at home, please contact us at 303-721-9003 or info@designscapes.org.  Thank you.

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