Tip of the Week: Turn on the Lights

The days are getting shorter, but it's still warm enough to enjoy our outdoor living areas. Fewer hours of daylight shouldn't keep you from enjoying your landscape. Outdoor lighting can keep the party going and allow you to spend quality time on your patio through the fall. 

Landscape lighting is practical: it improves home security, allows your address to be seen for deliveries or in emergencies and adds curb appeal if you are looking to sell. It can also be fun!

Smart Lighting
With an app on your phone, you can control the mood of your outdoor space. Not only can you turn lights on and off, but you can also change their colors, dim and brighten them and even make them dance. Many landscape professionals can help you with lighting design that fits your personal style. 

Consider LED Lighting
Afraid that adding lights will increase your power bill? Fear not. Newer technologies with low-voltage lighting offer energy efficiency, so it won't substantially raise your energy bill. LED uses up to 80% less energy and the bulbs last much longer than traditional lighting. 

Another benefit is LED lighting provides light where it's needed without adding pollution to the night sky. By using it, we can brighten our own environments and still do our part to keep the stars visible.

LED is a relatively easy retrofit around most homes. It can be installed during the winter months as long as the ground is not frozen.

In the end, light up your landscape
Landscape lighting is a cost-effective home improvement that lasts all year. It shines brightly during the dark months. When the longer days of summer return, it extends the hours and can reset the mood of outdoor living far into the night. 
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