Tip of the Week! Out With Petunias And In With Pansies!

pansiesAs our summer days turn into fall days, we need to think about plants that embrace the new season with showy color. Here are some planting ideas and trends that help set the mood for autumn.

The mums and other plants that say, “Fall is here!” thrive in the cooler nights and warm days now getting underway. That makes September a great time to plant. From now through October is the perfect time to plant fall color – including annuals and perennials – some of which will carry over to spring.

Prep containers and in-ground beds by preparing the soil with peat moss and add a time-release fertilizer. Then you’re ready to plant.

Traditional fall plants that include mums, pansies, violas, ornamental cabbages and kale are always good choices. They are hardy against frost. Plant one variety in masse for high impact for in-ground beds – or combine a mix of colors and shapes in containers.

Best deals
You’ll get an extra bargain when you select plants that can be enjoyed now and again in the spring.

  • Snapdragons and dianthus are a good deal because you will have them for both fall and spring color.
  • Pansies and violas are another great bargain because they will bloom off and on throughout the fall – plus in the winter during warm spells – and then burst into color all over again in late March lasting through the spring.

Container Trends
A recent trend for potted plants is to use containers made of natural materials such as wood or stone and combinations of natural materials, such as metal and wood.

Add more interest with other natural materials, such as pinecones or twigs, you might find in your yard. And if your pumpkins are ready to pick, tuck in some smaller ones to give planters a harvest look. That combo will remain timely through Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget spring
Spring flowering bulbs get their start in the fall. Remember, if you want to see tulips and daffodils popping up in your garden next spring, those bulbs need to be planted soon.

Courtesy of ALCC Sustainable Landscape Partners

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