Tip of the Week: Fight Crime with Daisies

Landscapes can help create a barrier against thieves

Whether we recognize it or not, simply being around greenery has a calming effect that helps people relax and will even deter crimes and acts of violence.

Researchers have found that in densely populated areas such as inner city public housing projects, fewer crimes and violent acts occur among residents whose buildings have more landscaping than among residents in similar buildings with little or no landscaping.

The natural spaces around us simply create relaxing, therapeutic moments that are good both for us and the people surrounding us.

The other side of this crime and plants coin is that you can use your landscape to deter break-ins around your home. Burglars look for quick and easy access as well as hiding places. That’s why where you choose to plant the daisies as well as the roses is important.

According to some law enforcement pros, landscapes are as important – and even more so – than the locks on windows and doors. The goal is to use your landscape to keep burglars from getting to the window in the first place or checking the lock on the door.

Here are 4 basic tips to keep your landscape from being user-friendly to burglars:

#1 – Plant prickly. Burglars would rather pass on windows that have thorny bushes and roses underneath them. Plant the daisies somewhere else and place the pricklies under the windows.

#2 – Cut out the hide-aways. Overgrown, dense shrubs and deciduous trees with branches below 7 ft. from ground level create cover for burglars to cower. If your home is in clean view of the street and neighbors, it’s less likely to be a target for break-ins. Neighbors are more apt to notice people in the wrong place around your home when their view is wide open.

#3 – Create some crunch. Walking across gravel mulch under windows undoes the stealth burglars seek. Footsteps in the gravel can alert you and your dog of a possible intruder.

#4 – Brighten the night. Lighting is one of the most effective deterrents to break-ins during dark hours. Use lighting to create ambiance for outdoor living, use it to showcase features within your yard – and also place it strategically where motion sensors will trigger it to light up after you’ve shut down for the night.

Enjoy your yard for the peaceful side-effects it offers and appreciate it for creating a safer place to live.

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