Tip of the Week: Are you a lazy lawn mower?

Mowing lawns less frequently is practical, time saving and economical when it comes to having a pollinator friendly yard. These are the findings recently published by the U. S. Department of Agriculture based on research conducted in residential yards in western Massachusetts.

Researchers found those who mowed lawns every 2 weeks,rather than weekly or every 3 weeks, created "more abundant flower resources" - namely flowering weeds - which, in turn, will attract and nourish bees.

That said, do you want to create a crop of dandelions and other weeds in your lawn?Maybe not - but it is something to ponder on the days when you'd rather sleep in than mow the lawn.

What do we know about mowing lawns in Colorado?

Less frequent mowing when the lawn is not in fast-growth mode is usually fine in early spring and late fall. At other times, when the lawn is in peak growth cycle, more frequent than weekly mowing may be best for the lawn's health.

Avoid cutting off more than one-third the length of the blades of grass to reach desired height when you mow. If you need to cut off more than one-third, you've waited too long to mow. When that happens, cut off some of the height, wait a few days and mow again.

Know the common myths and facts of good lawn care

Myth: A brown lawn is a dead lawn. Kentucky bluegrass - the most common lawn in Colorado - will shut down and go dormant during times of high temps and scarce water. Turning brown and going dormant is its survival mode. Cooler temps and more water will restore its green color.

Myth: Mowing the lawn short for a neat, trim appearance is good for it.Cutting the lawn to a height of about 3 inches allows the lawn to shade itself, hold in moisture and stay cooler-all of which promote a healthy lawn.

Fact: Leaving clippings on top of the lawn is good for it.Clippings are mostly water and decompose rapidly to create fertilizer for the lawn. "Grass cycling" clippings can cut fertilizer needs up to 33%.

Fact: Sprinkler systems can save more water than using a garden hose.A well-designed sprinkler system with water-saving components can save 15-20% on water bills. Watering deeply, less frequently and in the early morning promote a healthy lawn.

Love your lawn by following best mowing and watering practices. The result will be a healthier lawn with fewer weed, pest and disease problems.


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