Tip of the week: A New Year's Resolution to try for 2020

While you're making lists and setting goals for 2020, why not make some outdoor plans as well?

Is there an outdoor living space you want to create or a dreary corner you want to invigorate? It's a good time to think ahead about your outdoor spaces and what you want to get out of them when warm weather returns.

Gather inspiration, create a to-do list and most importantly, get in touch with us now to make sure we have you on our 2020 calendar. It might be too cold to work outside, but here are 5 things you can plan while staying indoors.

1.) Save Inspiration Photos
Gather your inspiration photos from Houzz or Pinterest with ideas for outdoor furniture, pavers, or plants.  

2.) Check out seed and plant offerings online
Ordering early ensures that you will have what you want when it's time to plant.
3.) Plan a trip to the garden center or hardware store
Find ergonomic tools that make outdoor chores easier on your body. Consider buying them now before they sell out during the first warm and sunny weekend of the year.

4.) Schedule a meeting
Meet with a landscape designer or landscape architect now to get your renovations or upgrades on the schedule.

5.) Touch base with your landscape or garden maintenance service.
Make a call to your landscape maintenance professional to make sure you are on their maintenance schedule.

Let's start planning your design resolution. Contact one of our landscape design professionals to get started. 
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