Tip of the week: 3 tips to get your trees ready for winter

As the growing season winds down, it's time to take care of some fall landscaping chores. One chore you may not of added to your list is preparing your trees for winters.

Here are three tips to get your trees ready:

1. Prune shade trees
Dead or damaged branches could become a hazard during early snow storms this season. Prune branches so they will be better prepared to handle wind and snow. 

2. Structural pruning
No warning siren will go off at the crackle of a broken branch. Structural pruning will decrease the danger of broken branches falling at random on people and property. 

3. See ya later suckers
Once your trees have gone dormant, it's a great time to prune suckers and water sprouts. Avoid ladder acrobatics and for hard to reach branches, contact a tree professional to have your tree pruned.

There is one more chore to add to the list...water your trees and shrubs! If the temperatures are above freezing, it's a perfect time to clench the thirst of those plants. 

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