Tip of the week: 3 reasons why you should show your houseplants your appreciation.

Let's take a moment and give it up for our houseplants! Today, January 10th is Houseplant Appreciation Day. National Houseplant Appreciation Day's focus is to bring awareness to the benefits of indoor plants. Let's take a moment to recall some of them.

1. They add a touch of cheer
Indoor plants make great decor. Whether they are flower plants like Poinsettias or Cyclamen, hardy Succulents, or leafy green trees, plants can add stylish touch to your home. 

2. They are relaxing
Studies show that having plants in your home can have a soothing effect. Multiple studies demonstrate that seeing plants helps reduce stress and has a calming effect. They can help with acoustics too! If you put enough plants in a room, they can have a similar effect to installing carpet. 

3. They can increase your focus
Looking to hunker down and get some work done? Make sure there's a plant or two in your work area. People working with plants around were shown to have increased productivity, improved memory retention, and better concentration.

So, while you wait for spring, why not give some love to the plants inside? Also while you wait, winter is a great time to meet with one of our landscape design pros, so you can enjoy your landscape longer this summer. 
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