Terrariums are great way to bring nature indoors by displaying plants in an artistic environment.  Terrariums are also a terrific gift idea for a gardener or nature lover this holiday season.  Terrariums can either be bought or made with just about any glass recycled container, there are so many options!  Store bought Terrariums come in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Store bought terrarium resembling a tiny green house

Some resemble miniature green houses, while others are custom shapes made from blown glass.

Artistic glass terrarium

Making terrariums can be even more fun.  Glass containers are preferable, as terrariums are primarily closed mini-ecosystems.

Recycled glass jar terrariums

Water condenses on the glass container and returns back to the growing medium to be recycled by the plants.  Build your terrarium in layers starting with small stones followed by activated charcoal (optional), soil, and finally plant material.  Mist your terrarium with a spray bottle, and place it in bright, indirect sunlight.  Because its a closed system, your terrarium should be able to recycle water for quite sometime.  When the soil becomes dry, simply mist again and continue to enjoy your plant display!

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