Sustainability Training 2014

Yesterday, members of the ALCC’s Sustainability Partners met for their annual training & education seminar.  Designscapes Colorado is proud to be a member of this program again this year.

Sustainability is not an all-or-nothing proposition.  There are take-aways for every company and opportunities to education our clients on the practices that we practice within our company to reduce our carbon footprint.

How is Designscapes Colorado sustainable landscape company?  We follow the principles and strategies as determined by the Sustainability Partners Program:

1.  We’re landscaping in harmony with the natural conditions of Colorado

2.  We’re reducing the waste and recycling materials

3.  We’re nurturing healthy soils

4.  We’re conserving water, energy and topsoil

5.  We’re using inegrated pest management

6.  We’re reducing stormwater runoff

7.  We’re creating and preserving wildlife habitat

Phil Steinhauer & Travis Sommervold provided information on outside-the-box strategies and problem solving that it toook for their company to meet sustainable specs and client needs.

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