Summer Garden Projects for Children

Now that school is out and Summer is here, Phil has a few kid friendly and fun projects to do outside.  The viewers will really enjoy getting creative after seeing Bertha create her own masterpieces!
1.  Plant markers out of rocks
2.  Garden Treasure Jars
Garden Treasure Jars
Made from used food jars, you can decorate them with glass gems (flat-bottom marbles)—or whatever you like—and place them in the garden. Tiny toys and secret notes can be hidden inside—like little time capsules in your garden.
Glass garden art projects like this one look really beautiful outdoors with the sunlight shining through. You can also add little solar lights to have them glow in the evenings as well.
The small size of the jars makes this a quick and easy craft for kids and adults. 
2.  Sun Catchers with melted beads
3.  Plant Markers out of Tree Branches
These are all very inexpensive, fun and trendy to do right now!


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