Steinhauer Speaks in Virtual Commencement to Colorado Sate University's Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Class of 2020

Alongside other Colorado State University (CSU) distinguished alumni, our President, Phil Steinhauer, gave a virtual commencement address to the graduating class of CSU's Horticulture and Landscape Architecture students.

CSU is Steinhauer's alma mater and he spoke on his own experiences post-graduation and the values that he practices in the day-to-day. The virtual commencement served as a substitute for a postponed graduation ceremony. Steinhauer's words of wisdom:

1. "Work hard - it will pay off. Nothing gets recognized more or opens more doors."
2. "Lead with your gut - it will never steer you wrong. Good values and a strong moral compass will never go out of style."
3. "Stay involved with the university - It has just given you the best four years of your life and the friendships that you have made here will follow you throughout your career."
4. "Give back, share your expertise, make an impact - By giving back, you have the ability to shape the world around you. Whether it is in your community, your office, or organization.

The world may look a little different because of COVID-19, but now it is up to you to take you experiences and start the next journey of your life, knowing that the path that you are on belongs to you. Congratulations to all graduates in the class of 2020!
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