Spring Landscape Tips

Watching your spring bulbs come to life and your trees leaf out again are some of the joys of this season.  Here at Designscapes Colorado, we want your landscape to looks its best this season and we hope these tips and reminders will help you get there.

Planning is an important step and often is forgotten until our days become warm and frost free.  Then we go out and dig, sometimes to disappointing results.  By planning your garden now you can increase your success.  Now is a great time to start the design process to ensure a beautiful landscape to enjoy this summer.  Our talented staff of Landscape Designers have been trained to deal with large or small, simple or difficult sites to give you the landscape you’ve always dreamed of.  So, whether it’s that new water feature or patio you’ve been wanting, Designscapes Colorado can help you.  Beat the spring rush and get started planning your landscape now!

It’s time to start thinking colorful planting beds and annual pots again!  Please schedule with our maintenance department now for the installation of your annuals. Our experienced horticulturalists can help you select a color and plant pallet that best fits your site and taste.

Proper bed care is an important step to ensure a beautiful landscape.  Start by cleaning up those planting beds and get rid of debris, leaves or any trash that may have collected there over the winter.  Cut back your perennials before they start to sprout up again.  We recommend re-mulching your beds in the spring as well. Adding additional mulch to your existing planting beds improves the look of your landscape, as well as helps to retain moisture in the root zone of plants by minimizing evaporation and reducing weeds that take water away from your plants.  We recommend that mulch be applied to a depth of 1 – 3” deep.

To ensure your lawns health and vigor, we recommend a spring fertilization and aeration for your lawn.  Our custom formulated fertilizer provides the necessary balance of nutrients to get your lawn off to a healthy start in the spring time.  Core aerating your lawn during the spring relieves soil compaction, thus improving water infiltration and fertilizer utilization.  We aerate at 2-3” core depth to provide the greatest benefit to your lawn.  Please schedule with our maintenance department for any of these services to be completed in your landscape this season.

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