Spring Landscape Maintenance

Our spring landscape maintenance newsletter is about to go out and is full of really important information that you should be doing in your yard now!

I love this time of year when the days are longer and spring is almost officially here (and yes, the beginning of March Madness!).  Our first daffodil bloomed today in the courtyard at our Designscapes Colorado office and it is so exciting to have some color in our own landscape! 

We are recommending that you call our maintenance services department at 303.721.9003 and get your lawn services scheduled. 

You should schedule your irrigation system activation and have your backflow insulated.  Insulating your backflow is highly recommended here in Colorado because we can still get extremely cold temperatures at night even though during the day the temperatures can be warm and dry.  At the time of irrigation system activations/turn-ons, we will make the necessary adjustments and repairs to your sprinkler system to be fully operational.

 It’s also time to meet with one of our Landscape Designers to help you with the project you’ve been putting off or the new project you’d like to do to enjoy this summer!  Invest in your landscape.  Whether you need a few perennials for a splash of color or a new outdoor living space, let us help you create the perfect landscape for your family to enjoy for years.

Don’t forget to also schedule your spring clean-up.  This is the best way to start the new season and give your plants the best opportunity to thrive!  Our Designscapes Colorado maintenance services offered include raking, pruning and winter debris removal.

Is your lawn maintenance contract in place?  Getting your landscape healthy is the key to enduring the summer heat and stress.  Designscapes Colorado can design a mowing package around your needs and lifestyle. 

Our fertilization program includes four applications per year with different blends of nutrients and minerals that encourage a healthy lawn every season.  What is important right now is to be on the schedule for our spring pre-emergent crabgrass control!  From dandelions to bindweed, our pre-emergent and post-emergent professional turf application provides the ‘knock-down’ power needed to control this problem at the root.

It’s also important to get your spring lawn aeration scheduled.  This is recommended twice a year to help reduce thatch, relieve compaction and channel water and fertilizer into the root zones creating growth pockets for new roots.

How is your mulch looking?  We are again extending a fantastic Spring Mulch Installation Special to our clients!  Please call our office to get your re-mulch scheduled.  Mulch really helps to enhance the aesthetic appearance and the water conservation capability of your ornamental beds while decreasing weed seeds from germinating with the addition of mulch.

I know it sounds like a lot of work to do in your yard but, leave the hard work up to us!  Please call us to get your services scheduled.  If you’re not sure what you need, we would be happy to meet with you and review your landscapes needs.

Look for our spring newsletter in the mail.  Enjoy the sunshine!

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