Spring is Here, What’s on Your Landscape List?

Yep its March in Colorado, which means the weather can turn on a dime.  Sun, snow, wind, and rain can all be expected, sometimes in the same day!  Don’t let the changes in the weather deter you from planning your landscape however.  Given the drought and water restrictions in the forecast for many areas here in Colorado, planning ahead is extremely important.

water efficient sprinkler nozzle

With water shortages this summer it is paramount that your sprinkler system functions efficiently.  Troubleshooting for leaks and damage is the first step.  Next, upgrading and utilizing water wise products such as drip irrigation and water efficient nozzles can cut down on water consumption.

Maintenance strategies to think about now include lawn aeration, cleaning out old winter debris from beds, and pruning non-flowering trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth later.  Here at Designscapes Colorado, we can perform all of your spring maintenance needs, give us a call or email today!  303-721-9003 info@designscapes.org

It’s not too early to start thinking about veggie gardens.  Starting off growing indoors can give veggies a good head start.  Growing some veggies in containers can improve water efficiency, as water can’t dissipate as easily.  Look for new seed varieties specially developed for containers.  When moving them outdoors try and rotate crops away from where they were placed last year.  Watering veggies outside with drip irrigation will cut back on your overall water usage as well.  Planning maintenance now will ensure your landscape will be healthy and beautiful later.

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