Spring Forward - 6 Checklist Items to get your Yard Ready for Spring

This weekend we switch to Daylight Savings Time -- don't forget to move your clock an hour forward on Sunday. Even though the official first of spring is March 19, it's important to resist the urge to spring forward and start planting here in Colorado. 

The weekend forecast looks to be warm, and along the Front Range, bulbs are starting to peek out of the ground. If you are itching to get outside in the dirt, there are still plenty of tasks you can do to get ready for planting season. 

Either DIY or hire your maintenance team for tasks to prepare your yard for spring:  
  • Blade sharpening for tools and mowers
  • Mower tune-up
  • Lawn aeration 
  • Sprinkler system activation 
  • Clean up of leaves and debris
  • Add compost to your veggie garden
Keep in mind that March is historically Colorado's snowiest month. Don't let the warm days fool you into thinking you can start planting. Until then, get your plans in place and contact our maintenance team to get your yard ready for spring.

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