September Gardening Tips

September is halfway gone and there are some really important items that our viewers should be reminded of during this time of year to do.

  • Landscape Installations & Renovations – as featured on a previous segment, this is a fantastic time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials!  The coller temperatures and warm soil temperatures really help get the plant materials established without having to deal with the extremely hot summer temperatures.
  • Lawn – rake leaves as they fall.  This will prevent areas for insects to thrive.  Overseeding or sodding have great success rates at this time of year.  Prepare to add a fall winterizer on your turf in the next month or so.  This will help get the root system healthy and strong for next year.  Don’tforget to aerate your lawn – this is essential to do in Fall and Spring.
  • Plan for Spring Color – on an upcoming segment, we will go into more details but, this is the time to plan, purchase, and prepare to plant your tulips, daffodils, hyacinth bulbs for Spring color.  After you remove your spent Summer annuals, add some Pansies and Violas for great Fall color and late Spring blooms!
  • Maintenance – some shrubs and perennials need to be trimmed this time of year but, as a general rule – you don’t want to do much trimming.  Tree trunks should be wrapped to prevent sun scald on young trees.
  • Bring in the Tropicals – if you have tropical houseplants outside, now is the time to prepare to bring them inside before any frost can damage.  Be sure to wash leaves off with a hard stready stream to shake off and unwanted pests before bringing them inside.  This applies to herbs too!
  • Tools – get your tools all cleaned up and disinfected for next year.  By cleaning and organizing your tools, pots, and containers now, you’ll be ready to start Spring “ready to go”!

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