Seasonal Accents for Fall

Fall is such a beautiful time of year, so at Designscapes Colorado, we thought we would share some creative ways to accent your home to match the season.  There are so many items that people can use from their own yards!  Gourds, leaves, branches, and fall flowers can all be used for fall arrangements.  These items incorporate rich hues of oranges, yellows, reds, and earth tones, which will really add warmth to your home.

Fall color can really brighten up an entry way

Wreaths: wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, try creating a circle of bittersweet and adorn it with a cluster of gourds.  Attach the gourds using raffia and tie it off in a bow.  Also try using greenery and ornamental corn!

Baskets:   Try combining fall flowers, fruit, ornamental corn, and maple/oak leaves for a colorful display.  Plant material includes (but is not limited to) lilies, sunflowers, asters, bittersweet, pepper berries, sweet Annie, and sage.

Mantel Displays:  Topping your mantel with a garland of gourds is a wonderful seasonal accent.  Arrange large and small gourds together and intersperse with colorful leaves and vines.

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