Protecting Your Landscape Investment During a Drought

A major financial investment for property owners is their landscape.  With all of the hot and dry weather lately, there has been a lot of talk of water restrictions.  We know that attractive, well maintained landscapes increase home value and consumer traffic, so what can be done to minimize water usage and still keep landscapes alive?  Here are a few ideas for both commercial and residential landscapes.

Removing turf is a great way to lower water consumption.  Replace these areas with ground covers and other plants that require much less water to grow.

New irrigation systems utilize more efficient ways of delivering water directly to plants with minimal water loss to evaporation.

Technology also plays a role in terms of data collection.  Utility companies have GIS data concerning individual properties, which can lead to a better understanding and analysis of water consumption in the first place.

Water conservation in the state of Colorado is extremely important for both property owners and for the health of the landscape industry.  We can make a positive impact both economically and environmentally by following these water measures and protecting our investments.

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