Preserving the Beauty of Fall Foliage

The Fall season brings out so many beautiful colors, so lets take a look at some tree species that display this Autumn glow.  Of course we have to start with Maples.  Maples are the iconic tree of Fall with their spectrum of reds, oranges, and yellows.  The Quaking Aspen could be considered Colorado’s sister state tree.  With it’s range of greens, yellows, and oranges, Aspens are the number one tree for Fall peepers in Colorado.  Other great Fall trees include Serviceberries, which have a brilliant orange color and Ashes, which have more of a purplish hue.  For lower growing foliage try burning bush, sumac, and rabbitbrush.

Conditions that affect Fall color are light, temperature, water, and soil.  Dry, sunny, and cool temperatures will yield the most brilliant and long lasting Fall colors.  Since we can’t control the weather, placing trees and shrubs in the right places to take advantage of these factors is important.

Now that these wonderful species are established, there are a few ways that you can preserve these leaves for craft making.  Pressing leaves with a weight is the easy, and a great activity for kids.  Simply choose leaves that are relatively flat and sandwich them between waxed or newspaper.  Place a weight on top, keep in a dry location, and check periodically.  Sandwiching leaves between two sheets of waxed paper and sealing with an iron will make leaves last for months.  Another quick way of drying out leaves is in the microwave.  This method works well with supple leaves that still have a lot of moisture in them, just be careful not to overcook.  To really prolong your Fall leaf masterpieces try sealing, dipping, and polishing products from a craft or art store.

If you would like help with your fall decorating, please contact Designscapes Colorado’s Maintenance Department at 303-721-9003.

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