Plant Select Plants 2012

Looking For Something New in the Garden?

After our industry’s trade show, the ProGreen Expo ( every winter, I always look forward to using some of the new Plant Select winning plants in my landscape designs.  While sometimes it’s a challenge to locate these plants for our construction installations the first year after the selections are announced, it is exciting to both me, as a Landscape Designer and for our clients who are often looking for the “latest and greatest” for their Cherry Hills, Greenwood Village, Castle Pines, Evergreen and Denver Metro Area landscapes.

If you’re not familiar with the Plant Select plants, I should tell you that that these plants are selected because they can handle low water, can handle in our changing climates and do well in the Rocky Mountain region.  These plants are typically unique and beautiful and have a spectacular resistance to insects or disease.

These plants are often specified by Designscapes Colorado for the above reasons.  You know, these plants are decided by a cooperative group of professional growers, horticulturists, The Denver Botanic Gardens and Colorado State University.

Look for these 2012 Plant Select plants:

–          Weeping White Spruce, Picea glauca ‘Pendula’

–          Ruby Voodoo Rose, Rosa ‘Ruby Voodoo’

–          Dalmatian Daisy, Tanacetum cinerarifolium

–          Summer-Forget-Me-Not/Cape-Forget-Me-Not, Anchusa capensis

–          ‘Fire Spinner’ Ice Plant, Delosperma ‘Fire Spinner’

–          Filigree Daisy, Anthemis marschalliana

If you visit, you can see all the wonderful Plant Select plants.  Ask our Landscape Designers here at Designscapes Colorado how to help you incorporate them in your landscape by calling 303-721-9003 or contacting us at

Be sure and watch the TV segment on The Denver Channel ( on Monday, May 21st to see Bertha and I display 2012 selections and a few from year’s past!  If you missed the live segment, click here to watch the video:

Plant Select Plants on Display (1997 - 2012 Selections)

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