Perennials That Bloom Forever

Perennials That Bloom Forever…        

Well, maybe not forever but, I am always challenged by having color as much as possible in a landscape design and installation.  Perennials typically have a specific bloom time and it’s very important to have a combination of spring, summer and fall blooming perennial combinations in the garden.  Of course, many of these plants then have a wonderful texture for the winter months.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite perennials that seem to have a really long bloom time.  If you’re interested in incorporating some long-blooming perennials, please contact myself or a landscape designer at Designscapes Colorado at or at 303-721-9003.  We’re always here to help your landscape look it’s best.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Blue Flax
  2. Chocolate Flower
  3. English Lavender
  4. Iceplant
  5. Blanket Flower
  6. Coral Canyon Twinspur
  7. Flame Flower
  8. Poppy Mallow
  9. Corsican Pansy
  10. Hummingbird Mint
  11. Beardtongue
  12. Yarrow
  13. Coreopsis
  14. Pincushion Flower
  15. Pine Leaf Penstemon
  16. Coneflower

Some ways that you can help pro-long bloom time are to cut off the spent flower heads from the perennials, fertilize every 3 to 4 weeks and use drip irrigation instead of pop-up sprays.  If this sounds like more than you’d like to do in your garden, we have a bed care program designed to take care of all these chores for you.

Watch on Monday as Channel 7’s News Anchor (, Bertha Lynn and I show the viewers of wonderful perennial choices to plant in your Colorado landscape.

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