Outdoor Lighting for Events

Permanent Landscape Lighting Installation

Here is an example of event landscape lighting found at http://www.the-louisville-wedding-blog.com/2012/09/wedding-lighting-ideas.html

Are you planning an outdoor wedding in the backyard?  What about a graduation party or a seasonal festival?  Our beautiful climate here in Colorado allows us to enjoy these events outdoors.  Landscape lighting is an essential component of outdoor events, providing ambiance, style, and safety.  Whether its for the temporary decoration of a patio, or a permanent full scale landscape installation, lighting adds the final touch to any event or function.  Here at Designscapes Colorado, we design and install professional lighting products that will make your landscape sparkle.  Visit us online or call 303 721-9003 to speak with one of our designers about permanent, seasonal, or event related landscape lighting solutions today!


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