Mother’s Day Gifts

I wanted to share with you ALCC’s Tip of the Week
Take mom back in time  with the new annuals


The bright retro colors bursting into home décor are also making a strong statement in this year’s annual flower displays.  They could be a pleasing and long-lasting gift for mom on Mother’s Day, too.

With yummy names like Pineapple Punch and Pumpkin Spice, bright pre-packaged container combos are eye candy you wish you could eat.  “Punch” has a bright mix of yellow petunias, white verbena and bidens – a daisy-like flower that spills over the edge.  The pumpkin mix bursts with orange tones with orange flash petunias, peach verbena and mango calibrachoa.  Can we make this a sorbet?  

Other colors this spring  reflect the bright retro look of the ’50s and ’60s.  Besides orange and yellow, you’ll also see greens that pop fluorescent, hot, hot pinks, retro lipstick red and the deep shades of midnight blue.   These colors could take mom back in time to the sock hop or the love-in!

Other flower ideas for Mother’s Day are traditional plants  showing off new colors.  This year, the mainstay geranium has a new look in brand-new burgundy and in another new shade of lavender mixed with rose.  Many gardeners welcome these new takes on the old stand-by.

Make your annuals drought-friendly
Annuals normally need regular doses of water – but there are things you can do to make them more drought-friendly:

  • Consider more containers and fewer in-ground annuals.   
  • Add mulch around annuals whether in the ground or in containers.  Mulch helps to retain moisture and will also help prevent weeds which are a water-drain we don’t need to tolerate this year.
  • Put a saucer under containers.  The plant can absorb some of the water that collects in it later.
  • Water and wait:  hand water all the flowers and once you’ve watered them all, make a second pass to add a little more water.  Allow 5 to 10 minutes between each cycle of watering.  By watering twice, the soil becomes more saturated so it will hold moisture longer.   
  • Water one drop at a time with drip irrigation.  Drip is a great time-saver for you and the most water-efficient way to water annuals.  It can also be used to water containers.

For a busy momHere’s one more idea for a busy mom who doesn’t have the time – or the stamina – to do all the gardening and landscape chores she wishes they could.  Giving her a service like weekly lawn care, pruning the trees or a brand new flower or edibles bed is a Mother’s Day gift that will keep on giving.

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Enjoy Mother’s Day! 

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